Sunday, September 12, 2004

Little Green Footballs Proves It

This is it, definitive proof that the Killian Memos are fake. Ignore this obvious explanation. (BTW, have you noticed how I first stated that I expressed no opinion on this whole forgery matter, but now that everyone else on the reactionary side of the b-sphere is convinced that they are fake, I just go along, still without expressing any real opinion. You see, my ass is covered (not by him yet I am sad to say). If these things are real, I can just point to my initial post. I am a clever media critic/republican hatchett-man if I don't say so myself. Indeed.)

UPDATE: Note how I still am hedging on whether the docs are authentic. I am a genius, heh.

I'm in favor of Gay Marriage: Me and W

As my loyal readers know, I usually tow the Republican line. You see I pretend to reach a certain point of view after a thoughtful analysis, but in fact, I generally just read this to see how I am supposed to think about an issue.

But as people know, I part ways with the GOP on one issue, gay marriage. Some may think that it is because I am a self-proclaimed libertarian, but come on, who really believes that anymore---what libertarian in their right mind would support this administration?? The truth that the only reason I am for gay marriage is sometimes I lay awake at night and look at the instawife, and fantasize how great it would be to trade her in for an instahusband like this. Oh, what I would do to be with W that I must even compromise my loyalty to the republican platform.

Heh. Ouch. Indeed.

Saturday, September 11, 2004

September 11: A day to talk about CBS of course

Today is Sept 11, and I have decided to submit a series of long posts about CBS, rather than mention anything about what a failure our hunt for those responsible for Sept 11 has been. Credible reports indicate that the Taliban are regrouping in Afghanistan. Fox News (you know that liberal media) reports today that Al Qaeda guerillas appear to be taking orders from the old leadership again, appear to be the best trained they have been in years, and it looks like the band is back together. Did you know I never even mention this guy anymore? You see that wouldn't be good to remind people that W completely blew it trying to find him.

None of this is important, however. CBS, fonts, and typewriters---that's where the real news is.

Christmas in Cambodia

Did you know that John Kerry said he spent Christmas of 1968 in Cambodia, when in fact he was actually in Cambodia in January or February of 1969? Probably not, because the liberal media (oh that liberal media) won't even put the story on the front page. Can you believe the bias? Instead they choose to cover things such as the Iraq war, the economy going to hell, and other unimportant things. You see I am a media critic --- a media watchdog of sorts --- and I know that the only reason the media has not called for an independent investigation into the Christmas in Cambodia story is because they are all liberals (well, except for them, them, them, them, and oh yeah, even them?).


Rather than keep up the facade, and pretend that I am not working for W, I have decided to just come out of the closet (no, me and GW aren't out of that closet yet), and just admit it, so welcome all to this blog where I will ignore anything tending to put GW in a bad light, but highlight and exagerrate everything even remotely bad about JK.